How to join WGA 4 KIDS

Please contact the Advisory Board Member in your area if you would like to join an Auxiliary. We have many Auxiliary organizations that meet across the upper midwestern portion of the United States, including Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

To start a new Auxiliary, please contact a Board of Directors member.

We welcome everyone to join the Auxiliary. No Shrine affiliation is necessary. Thank you for your interest!

What are your greatest needs?

We are always in need of toys, clothing and financial contributions.

Do you have memorials or honorariums?

Yes. Please refer to the gifts, memorials & honoraria section of the Financial Contributions page for how to designate this type of donation.

Who handles business information?

All information regarding auxiliaries should be directed to the Chairman.


What papers are to be sent to the Financial Chairman?

One check is to be sent to the Financial Chairman that covers donations, party favors, holiday gifts, etc. Do not include memorials.

Send a completed Donation/Contribution Log form when sending money. If your treasury contains a large amount of money after your last spring meeting, please send those funds. With the combined auxiliary funds, higher interest rates can be obtained.

The Financial Chairman must receive your annual report, on or before December 15th, at the end of the calendar year, along with your check. This report, along with the money, is necessary for the preparation of our annual audit.

All checks should be made payable to the WGA 4 KIDS and sent, along with the proper forms to the Financial Chairman.